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Leveraging U.S. Strength in an Uncertain World

By December 7, 2006

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A major conference on the convergence between global security and U.S. national security opens today in Washington, DC. The Stanley Foundation event, titled "Leveraging U.S. Strength in an Uncertain World," will feature a keynote address by Brookings Institution President Strobe Talbott and the release of a new poll on U.S. public attitudes regarding world affairs.

Conference panel discussions include:

  • A World Remade: The United States and Rising Powers in the 21st Century
  • Effective Counterterrorism in a Globalized World: Reclaiming the Edge of Legitimacy
  • Enforcement of International Norms: Bringing and Keeping Dissenters in the Fold
  • Rethinking the US Military Revolution
  • Strengthening Nuclear Nonproliferation and Expanding Nuclear Energy: Incompatible or Complementary Goals?
  • Why Are We Failing Failing States?
Same day coverage (including session summaries, audio, video) will be available here. (Full disclosure: I work for the foundation.)


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