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Bye Bye Blair

By June 21, 2007

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British leaders Tony Blair and Gordon Brown
British leaders Tony Blair and Gordon Brown
Photo: Getty/Scott Barbour
Tony Blair's decade as prime minister of the United Kingdom will come to an end when parliament convenes this Wednesday, June 27. On Sunday, June 24, the Labor Party will gather in Manchester to formally name Gordon Brown as their leader and annoint a deputy leader as well.

America's "special relationship" with the United Kingdom has been marked by high powered, close relationships between leaders like Churchill and Roosevelt, Thatcher and Reagan. The Blair years mark a further deepening of the "special relationship." In fact, Blair's close support of President George Bush's Iraq policy is largely believed to be part of the reason he lost political support at home. All of this means it will be very interesting to see how U.S. foreign policy adapts to Prime Minister Gordon Brown.


June 21, 2007 at 6:56 pm
(1) Carol says:

ok time for gordon brown to become a leader or a follower. we need to go back to basics. and we need a man to lead us there.blaire skirted them . but we need hard cold action.
one of my main concerns, is kids.
children need parents to disaplin and control them and lead them. as it is now. parents are afraid to, to much polital correctiness. and not enough action. it makes no help for children to have parents as friends. and all this PC is crap, we never had it 30-40 years ago. but if we carry on as we are. then in 20 years time. we wont have anything as a nation to be proud of.
he needs to have the balls to go against convention and make his own mark.the US are not the people who will vote. clean your own house gordon and the US will follow.

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