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Learn the Basics of U.S. Foreign Policy History, Creation, and Implementation


Fundamental background on the history, creation, and implementation of U.S. foreign policy. Topics covered include, who makes U.S. foreign policy, the role of the president, the role of the U.S. State Department, and the role of Congress.
  1. Foreign Policy Basics
  2. Issues And Trends
  3. Foreign Policy Tools
  4. Presidents And Their Policies Throughout History
  1. Historical Secretaries of State
  2. Historical Foreign Policy Measures
  3. Treaties And Agreements

Foreign Policy Basics

Foreign Policy, from its issues to practitioners, is complex. Here are collected stories that aim to cut through those complexities and give you a better understanding of U.S. foreign policy.

Issues And Trends

Foreign policy is often full of "isms," such as globalism, isolationism, and multilateralism. They make up trends in foreign policy, which revolve around regional and global issues, many which have been around for decades.

Foreign Policy Tools

The United States has a large assortment of "tools" to use in its conduct of foreign policy. Here is a look at some of them.

Presidents And Their Policies Throughout History

American presidents set the direction and tone of their administrations' foreign policy. Here are some of their platforms and policy ideas.

Historical Secretaries of State

Secretaries of state are the United States' chief diplomats. Presidents can either rely on them or ignore them. Throughout American history, some secretaries have made major impact on U.S. foreign policy while others did very little.

Historical Foreign Policy Measures

Obviously, the United States has more than 235 years of foreign policy measures. Here is an ongoing look at historical US policies.

Treaties And Agreements

Since 1778 the United States has been entering into treaties and agreements with other nations. Some have been mutually beneficial, others not so much.

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