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The best resources on America's commercial relations with the world including globalization, offshoring, outsourcing, free trade deals, and more.
  1. Trade Policy

Perry Opens Japan
Commodore Matthew Perry opens trade with Japan and sets the stage for 160 years of US-Japanese foreign policy.

Politicizing The Ukrainian Crisis
Rand Paul opens a 2016 election-season attack on Obama's handling of the Ukraine Crisis.

Kerry's "Apology Tour"

FDI Between China And The United States
Chinese foreign direct investment in the United States is lower than many people think.

The United States and Foreign Direct Investment
A look at the United States and foreign direct investment (FDI), what it is, where it comes from, and where it goes.

Obama, Putin Set Bilateral Meeting On Trade
President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin were expected to discuss trade at a bilateral meeting as part of the G20 2012 economic summit.

G8 Meeting At Camp David
The G8 nations plan a summit for May 18-19, 2012, at Camp David.

Occupy Protest Demands Have Foreign Policy Implications
Do the collective demands of the Occupy Wall Street protesters -- and similar protesters in other cities -- have implications for U.S. Foreign Policy? In short, yes.

What Is Globalization?
The "Cold War Era" and the "Space Age" have been replaced with the "Era of Globalization." What does that mean exactly?

Is Globalization Good or Bad?
Is globalization a plus or a minus for the United States? How should the US respond to globalization?

U.S. and Mexican Presidents Meet
U.S. President Barack Obama and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto met in early May 2013 in Mexico City. Among many of the topics to discussed were economic competitiveness and immigration reform.

2008 Candidates on Trade
The Council on Foreign Relations offers this summary of the 2008 presidential candidate's positions on U.S. trade policy.

The Battle Over Trade
This BBC Web site tracks daily stories regarding global trade. It also offers compelling resources on trading blocs and major trade issues.

United States Trade Representative
Official site of the Office of the United States Trade Representative. The Trade Representative is a Cabinet member who serves as the president’s principal trade advisor, negotiator, and spokesperson on trade issues.

World Trade Organization
The World Trade Organization is a global group creating and maintaining rules of trade among member countries.

Foreign Trade and Global Economic Policies
This chapter comes from a longer online, U.S. State Department publication titled "Outline of the U.S. Economy."

Global Envision - Trade
Global Envision, an initiative of Mercy Corps, builds awareness about globalization, world poverty and sustainable development. Many articles featured here on free trade, fair trade, balance of trade, etc.

North American Free Trade Agreement
The North American Free Trade Agreement creates special rule for trade among Canada, the United States and Mexico. The NAFTA Secretariat mediates disputes between member-states.

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum joins together 21 large economies (including the United States) which surround the Pacific Ocean. It is a prominent part of U.S. engagement with Asian economies.

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