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Epochs Of US Foreign Policy, Part Three

The third epoch of US foreign policy saw America become a global power -- whether it liked it or not.

Epochs Of US Foreign Policy, Part Two

After early concentration on domestic issues, the United States embarked on an abortive attempt at imperialism.

Epochs Of US Foreign Policy

The First Epoch of American Foreign Policy -- the isolationist Early Federal Period.

Obama Sends US Troops To Chad

Obama sends US troops to Chad searching for kidnapped girls, a move totally in line with his administration's foreign policy.

Ukraine Crisis Hits ISS

Ukraine crisis hits ISS as Russia reacts to US sanctions.

Military Advisers In US Foreign Policy

Under Obama, US military advisers are getting a reprieve from the specter of Vietnam.

Boko Haram Kidnappings

US military and FBI personnel have joined the search for Nigeria's missing girls, kidnapped by Boko Haram on April 14, 2014.

Obama Reaffirms Asia-Pacific Defense Pacts

In his April 2014 Asia-Pacific trip, US President Barack Obama reaffirmed America's mutual defense obligations with Japan, including backing its claims to the Senkaku Islands against China.

Tragedy, Fear Overshadow Obama 2014 Asia Trip

Tragedies and threats overshadowed Barack Obama's 2014 Asia-Pacific trip.

Perry Opens Japan

Commodore Matthew Perry opens trade with Japan and sets the stage for 160 years of US-Japanese foreign policy.

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