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US Foreign Policy December 2006 Archive


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Leveraging U.S. Strength in an Uncertain World

Thursday December 28, 2006
Today, U.S. national security increasingly relies on regional and international security. This interconnectedness demands multilateral efforts to address critical issues. It also requires the United States to examine how it ... Read More

Gerald R. Ford and U.S. Foreign Policy

Wednesday December 27, 2006
The death of former President Gerald R. Ford brings to mind a handful of foreign policy images from his term in office. The desperate scene as the final Americans evacuated from ... Read More

Who Makes U.S. Foreign Policy?

Tuesday December 26, 2006
The president has certain Constitutional responsibilities for America's relationship with the rest of the world. Among other things, he is commander-in-chief of the military, which gives him (or her) a ... Read More

Censorship, Politics, and U.S. National Security

Friday December 22, 2006
In the national debate over Iraq, the second most heated issue (after how to best deploy U.S. troops) is whether or not the United States should engage Iran. The bi-partisan ... Read More

Recent Picks

Thursday December 21, 2006
Here are a few things which caught my eye over the last several days. Foreign Policy magazine has listed the top ten most important stories you probably missed in 2006. Among ... Read More

Presidential Candidates and U.S. Foreign Policy

Tuesday December 19, 2006
No one really uses the term "leader of the free world" any more except in an ironic sense. But still, the election of a new president of the United States ... Read More

Bush's Cold Reaction to the Iraq Study Group

Monday December 11, 2006
Conventional wisdom said the Iraq Study Group was going to provide, in the end, simple political cover for President Bush to change his policy in Iraq. The thinking was that ... Read More

Leveraging U.S. Strength in an Uncertain World

Thursday December 7, 2006
A major conference on the convergence between global security and U.S. national security opens today in Washington, DC. The Stanley Foundation event, titled "Leveraging U.S. Strength in an Uncertain World," ... Read More

John Bolton Resigns

Tuesday December 5, 2006
The troubled tenure of John Bolton as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations is coming to an end. Yesterday, Bolton announced he would resign the post he held under ... Read More

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