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North & South America and U.S. Foreign Policy

The United States has long term national interests and vital engagements with all countries in the Western Hemisphere. This page includes key links and resources exploring those relationships as well as the role of U.S. foreign policy in pan-American issues and organizations including the Organization of American States, the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Central American Free Trade Agreement.
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Does Chavez' Death Mean Better Relations Between U.S. and Venezuela?
Does Hugo Chavez' death mean better relations between U.S. and Venezuela?

The United States and Canada
The first foreign dignitary John Kerry hosted as secretary of state was Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird. Their meeting highlighted the enduring relationship between the U.S. and Canada.

Merida Initiative Targets Drug Trafficking
The Merida Initiative is a U.S. foreign policy effort with Mexico to combat drug trafficking in Central America.

The Relationship of the United States with Brazil
A profile of the relationship between the United States and Brazil, from About Guide to U.S. Foreign Policy Keith Porter.

The US-Cuban Relationship
Background on the US-Cuban Relationship from Keith Porter - your About Guide to US Foreign Policy

Timeline of U.S.-Cuban Relations
A look at the US-Cuban relationship from 1898 to present, from Keith Porter--your About Guide to U.S. Foreign Policy

Fidel Castro
The president of Cuba, Fidel Castro, has been an intractable adversary of the United States since the Cuban Revolution. Find out all about Fidel Castro.

The Relationship of the United States with Venezuela
A profile of the relationship between the United States and Venezuela, from About Guide to U.S. Foreign Policy Keith Porter.

U.S.-Latin America Relations
This May 2008 report from a bi-partisan task force at the Council on Foreign Relations calls for major changes in U.S. policy. Among them is an end to the embargo of Cuba.

2008 Candidates on U.S. policy toward Cuba
The Council on Foreign Relations offers this summary of the 2008 presidential candidate's positions on U.S. relations with Cuba.

Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs
This large section of the U.S. State Department handles U.S relations with over three dozen countries in North, South and Central America.

The New Anti-American Axis: What Holds it Together?
This article from Le Temps of Switzerland (thanks to WatchingAmerica.com) looks at the phenomenon of anti-Americanism in Latin America.

Anti-Americanism (Canada)
This editorial comes from Embassy, Canada's foreign policy newsweekly. It argues Canadians are not anti-American, just anti-Bush.

Organization of American States
The Organization of American States, headquartered in Washington, DC includes over 30 member states from Canada and the United States down to Chile and Argentina.

North American Free Trade Agreement
The North American Free Trade Agreement creates special rule for trade among Canada, the United States and Mexico. The NAFTA Secretariat mediates disputes between member-states.

Miami Herald: Latin America
The Miami Herald offers some of the best U.S. coverage of Latin American affairs.

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